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Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for WOW! members through demonstrations and workshops, where they can develop their self-expression, art skills and professional lives as artists.  

WOW! Demos

Demonstrations are offered throughout the year during selected GPSs (Group Painting Sessions). They provide opportunities for our artists to learn from other artists in our group. Presenters may illustrate different techniques, share areas of expertise or discoveries, different skills or strategies, or assist in learning steps in writing an artist's statement, framing art, showing their art, or requesting some aspect of art to be explored. 

Members learn new ways of handling our medium or explore a themed subject (e.g., light on water, sunrises / sunsets, spring foliage, etc.). We grow to be more knowledgeable about painting watercolor, various art techniques, and presenting, showing, and promoting our art for shows and sales.


WOW! is committed to providing workshops to its members each year. The focus, as requested by its members, is to explore an artistic theme or technique(s). The content is specific and most likely project based with emphasis on elements of composition, specific techniques, color and value and/or textures  (for example, painting mountains in a winter sunrset with focus on perspective, washes, working with snow, color and value, shadows and light).

WOW! workshops are led by quality instructors with experience in their subjects

Members have priority for WOW! workshops and space is limited.

2024 WOW DEMOS and Workshop




April 26-27  THC  

Day 1   Unique Texturing in

            Watercolor with Webbing

 Day 2   Creating  a Unique

             "Under Pattern" with Your

             Regular Watercolor Paints

2024 WOW! Workshop

 WOW!  Spring Workshop. April 26 and 27th

2024 WOW! Spring Workshop.jpg
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