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April ~ July

01  Welcome, New Members,

                     to WOW!

 We begin 2024 welcoming five new members to Wild over Watercolor Art Guild. Shelley, Michelle, Connie, Linda, and Jeannine are from the Keizer, Woodburn, and Hillsboro areas. These artists come from varied backgrounds, have diverse interests and different painting styles. We are excited to exchange art knowledge and techniques and enjoy the beautiful art they create..

02  Jeannine Miller's Show

         at the Tualatin Library

  You are invited to view amazing artwork by Jeannine Miller displayed February through May in the Living Room Gallery of the Tualatin Library.
  Read about her on our Kudos page in the Tualatin Life article  written by Angie.      
  Visit Kudos

MillerJeannine _Heron_ 509kb.jpg



   "Celebration of Creativity"


Angela Wrahtz, Nola Pear,

and Jacie Pearson will show and sell their artwork at the

Celebration of Creativity Fine Art Exhibit & Sale,   Feb 29 - Mar 3 at the Southminster Presbyterian Church, 12250 SW Beaverton.

 Check out the website:

01 _ Welcome, New Members  
02 _ Jeannine's Sho
w _ Tualatin Library
03 _ Invite to "Celebration of Creativity"
04 _ Jeannine Miller Class _ May 11th

05 _ Introducing Patrice Cameron Juror

04    ​​Jeannine Miller Offering

            Class on May 11, 2024

MillerJeannine _Rooster_ 357kb.png

Jeannine Miller

Rooster with Attitude

  Learn new techniques in her class Painting in Watercolor Using An Abstract Start at the Woodburn Art Center in Woodburn.  
  Cost: $75   Class enrollment: 16
  Open PDF for class information.

05    Meet Patrice Cameron 

           Juror for WAGS  2024

CameronPatrice1.2024WAGSJuror _209kb.jpg

Patrice Cameron is the juror for this August 2024 WOW! Annual Group Show (WAGS) held at KAA. 

   "I am a painter of rivers.

The higher the elevation, the more exciting the river flows. This inspires me to study and capture the moments.

   I photograph these experiences for reference. I may take several dozen photos and multiple videos so I can listen to the water and review movements between rocks.

   I work with acrylics and have perfected the technique for transparency, typical with water and sunshine."

Total Transparency


What's Coming 2024

Activities ~ Shows ~ Art Events

February  through  August

     WOW Website Updates


       Call to Artists

       Flyers:  Spring Fling

                        WOW! Spring Workshop

Mar 21   _ Board Meeting

Apr 5/6/7 _ WSO in Yachats

Apr 12    _ General Mtg - THC

Apr  21   _ Spring Fling

Apr 26/27 _ WOW! Workshop with

                   Anji Grainger at THC

May 11     _ Jeannine Miller's Class

                  Painting in Watercolor

                  an Abstract Start  

May 15   _ WAGS Art Submission

                       _Open for Entry 

June 14  _ THC or Paint Out at

                 Oregon Gardens?


June 17 _ WAGS Deadline for

                       Art Entries

July 15   _ General Mtg &15 yrs 

                 BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!


July 31 _ WAGS: Drop Off artwork

                  at KAA (3-7 pm)

Aug 3 _ WAGS: Reception & Awards

              Reception - KAA (2-4 pm)

Aug 1 - Sept 3 _WAGS 2024 August 

                          Show at KAA


2023  WAGS ShowFlyer 406kb.jpg
WOW Updates - News
Flyers - News

Call to Artists

Are you thinking ahead for 2024?

Painting for upcoming shows?

Entering?  KAA, OSA, WSO, WAGS

Beware. Time marches by quickly.

Shows To Consider - Entry by:

Apr   _WSO Spring Experimental  2/1

May  _OSA  Water Media Juried     4/18

May  _KAA  Celebration of Flowers 5/1

May  _WOW August WAGS   Entry 5/15

June  _OSA  Rose Festival Art          5/23

June  _KAA Members' Showcase    5/29

July   _Travel Adventures                 6/26

July  _WOW August WAGS-Due by 7/17

Click on website links below

WAGS 2024 Invitation

2024 WAGS Invite .jpg
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