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Congratulation to Angela Wrahtz for winning Best in Show with "Enchanted Forest" at WSO's 2023 Spring Experimental Water Media Exhibition at the April WSO conference in Bend, OR.

We are excited for and congratulate Nola Pear on selling her first painting "Incoming Storm" at the OSA March Water Media Show.

To our winners in the Oregon Society of Artists March Water Media Show awards go to:  
Angela Wrahtz winning People's Choice Award
Jacie Pearson winning First Place in her first art show.

At the Keizer Art February "Fur and Feathers" Show 
Terry Schmidt  won Second place

At the March KAA "Yellow" Show:
Dianne Hicks  won third place.

2023 Award Winners ~ WOW Annual Group Show (WAGS)
Wild over Watercolor
  ~  KAA August Show



Best of Show


Dianne Hicks

 (portrait of little girl in full girly costume) Judge: “So many wonderful and different textures working together in the portrait, in the scarf, in the glasses, in the dress, in the background. Over-the-top outfit but it all works together. Painting eyes behind dark sunglasses—I don’t know how she did that!”


2nd Place

"Homage to Klimt"

Terry Schmidt 

(tree of life with gold leaf)

Judge: “Delicate. It’s hard to work with metallics. Beautiful.”

Angela Wraahtzportrait.jpg

1st Place

"Tattoo'd by Light"

Angela Wrahtz

(Portrait of young woman with splashes of shadow on the figure)

Judge: “Strong underpainting. Interesting play of light and shadows.”

Mikulka_A Snowy Evening.jpg

3rd Place

"A Snowy Evening"

Ann Mikulka

(winter landscape)

Judge: “Evocative of the ideal place. Subtle sky and transitions of color. Creates a lovely, calm mood. You’d want to live here.”

   Honorable Mentions   


"San Juan Island"     Dianne Hicks

Judge: “This painting has a high degree of difficulty. Executed with subtlety. Tends to abstraction.”

Breezy Day Nola Pear 713KB.jpg

"Breezy Day"     _Nola Pear

(marbled floral with dragonfly)

Judge: "Great integration of marbled textures and design of floral artwork. Very delicate and soft flowers. Can feel movement of wind through the painting through the arcs."

DebbieHornibrook_hawk moth 797KB.jpg

"Magnificent Elephant Hawk Moth"

                       Debbie Hornibrook

Judge: “Carefully designed. Very nicely executed in the lettering. Great vintage appeal. Balanced composition.”

terry schmidt-'dem crazy bones.jpg

"Dem Crazy Bones"     Terry Schmidt

(skeleton with marbling)

Judge: ”You expect the bones to get up and dance.  It is hard to create the feeling of dimensionality and shape in the space of the ribs and hips, and this is a real achievement."

Berg Karen. Finn

"Finn"     Karen Berg

Judge: “Looks real. Appreciation for the technique and meticulous execution through loving detail.”

   Judge's Merit Awards   

TerryWitter_Light through the Trees.229KB.jpeg

"Light through the Trees"  Terry Witter

     (landscape of yellows and neutrals)

Judge: “You can disappear into this. Picasso said to make things distilled into their simplest form. That’s what this artist did.”

BarbaraWeeks_OldTruck 770KB.jpg

"Forgotten Times"     Barbara Weeks

                 (old truck)

Judge: “Strong lights. Deep darks and good detail in the shadows. Appealing.”

Jacie pearson crane rookery.721KB.jpeg

"Heron Rookery"          Jacelen Pearson

               (wildlife portrait)

Judge: “ It’s syncopated. You circle around and around and look for more birds. Exoticness. Wonderful greens.”

RebeccaLockwood_1 'til death 566KB.jpg

"Til Death Series: Crime Scene Cabin"

Rebecca Lockwood

          (cabin in the woods)

Judge: “Fresh, fun. Like the ragged floating edges that go into space. We should remember not to take ourselves too seriously as artists and have some fun.”

  WOW! Annual Holiday Tea 

WOW! Holiday tea.jpg

Call to Artists

Keizer Art Association "Black White and Gray Show"       Intake 09/06

Keizer Art Association "Artists' Showcase"                       Intake 12/06

Keizer Art Association show Calendar                

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